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Focus on: Respect, leadership, goal setting, self-defense, anti-bullying, situational awareness, fitness and academics.
Ages 7-13

So how can martial arts give my son/daughter good values and a work ethic with the attitude of being successful?


Just sign them up and watch them develop physically, emotionally, and academically!


  • In martial arts we have an on-going rewards system that challenges the individual and acknowledges them on their own merit and achievements. We use daily/weekly/monthly reinforcement with our students. 


  • Rank testings are excellent examples of the reward system as the student progresses and learns to be a quality practitioner and leader. Our goal is a BLACK BELT!  A word used to symbolize excellence, knowledge, tenacity and discipline.


  • The students are learning something on their own, at their own pace, not being compared to anyone else, and accomplishing belt at a time.


  • Transferring discipline learned in martial arts to other attributes in a student's life, giving power, strength and a will of not quitting every time things get difficult.


  • Kids of all abilities are welcome, and we work witlh them to achieve their goal of black belt.


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