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(New Juniors start in our White-Yellow class)
Classes at Integrity Athletics click here

We will be using Setmore to allow our students to schedule a class session in our Westerville location.

Please click on the button below to start scheduling your classes! 

  • A login will no longer be needed, please enter the name of the student

  • You will need to register for each class and also for each student in the family for the class 

  • We monitor attendance sized to ensure proper Instructor/student ratio

  • Family discounts are applicable, contact us for new pricing. You can still pay via our website here.

  • If you need to cancel your class reservation, please email us – at least four hours before the scheduled class. 

  • Mr. Reed made a video on the steps for the new classes, you can watch that video below.

How do I book an in-person session with Dragon E’s?


Step 1:

Click on the button above 


Go to


Step 2:

Choose a class


Step 3:

Select the date you are interested in attending


Step 4:

Select the time on the right. If the time you are looking for is missing, it means that the time slot is full.


Step 5:

Enter your mobile phone number and Student’s Name(s). Agree to the cancellation policy,  then click Continue.


Step 6:

Check if you want email and text reminder, and then click ‘Book My Class’

Step 7:

Repeat for each student and class


That’s it!!! See you at your session date and time!

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