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January 5th classes are canceled

Dear Parents/Students:

My hope with this plan is to build confidence that we are training as safely as possible, reduce the chance of spread, and continue to keep Dragon E’s operating. 
My highest concern for everyone, Student, Parent and Staff, is safety.

Our continuing plan is as follows:

  • No one can enter the building if they are sick (cold, cough, sneezing, etc.)

  • Regular cleaning and disinfecting.

  • We are still using Setmore for online scheduling.  (Everyone will need to schedule their time – link will be on our website and Facebook page).

We will continually evaluate our class structure and provide updates on changes/additions as the state of Ohio restrictions change.

I know this is very different than we are accustomed to, but we train as Martial Artists to be able to adapt and survive! I am counting on all of you to help us get through this.

Senior Chief Master Mitch Ellis
and Instructor Staff


Dragon E's & Master Ellis in the News

Master Ellis preparing for the Asian Festival

- The Columbus Dispatch

Master Ellis being interviewed by Jarid Smalley for the the "Austism Speaks" special on NBC4i

Master Ellis and Instructor Mary McNitt at 10TV for the "I Dare Dom" live broadcast


Master Ellis at the Asian Festival

ABC-6/FOX-28 Sports Director Clay Hall reports.

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