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Focus on: Respect, self-control, coordination, listening skills, self-defense and anti-bullying
Ages 3-6
Mondays through Thursdays 5:30 pm

Our Small Dragon Program allows the student the privileges of advancing and learning basic martial art techniques in a safe, controlled, and moderately paced environment.​

  • The individual needs of each child are addressed and assessed.

  • We place a great deal of emphasis on self-discipline through teaching techniques that are based upon positive reinforcement.

  • The students learn respect and discipline while still having fun.  

  • The class structure is designed to keep the child's interest while learning the values of martial arts. 


  • The curriculum is fun, challenging and informative.


  • Most children who begin this program are shy, but, in just a few classes, they become more comfortable and outgoing


  • You will see gradual improvement in these areas as well as in their learning to work together with other children.

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